• Pre-Construction

    • Overall, our objective is to assist our clients in meeting their goals while staying within budget. During the preconstruction phase we will provide a variety of suggestions with associated cost savings where certain design and materiality adjustments will create a positive impact on the budget while continuing to meet the overall programming objectives of your project.

  • General Contracting

    • NorthPoint will serve as “General Contractor” to construct your project based upon the overall design and contract documents prepared by your architect. We will provide a complete and comprehensive line item proposal that is reflective of the documentation provided to us from your design team. We will also prepare a critical path schedule, charting a course for the timely completion of all phases of construction. We prefer to have an open, up-front relationship; as we know, all future work comes from the connections we establish along the way. This approach, along with the valued relationships we have with our sub-contractors, suppliers, and vendors, allow us to provide a highly-competitive proposal while consistently meeting the required timelines of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to bid on your general contracting project.

  • Construction Management

    • Clients may hire NorthPoint as a full-service Construction Manager. In doing so, we’ll work with you from the conclusion of our first meeting to participate in the completion of the design phase, prepare preliminary budgets and construction schedules, review project scopes, procure project approvals and permits, work through the final bidding process implementing a three-bid system, management of a timely construction phase, and finally the project close out and building turnover. This time-proven process creates a strong partnership between owner, architect and contractor.

      This method of project delivery allows us to provide firm pricing before final construction documents are 100% complete, while concurrently providing constructability and scheduling information. This approach enables us to lock in a “guaranteed maximum price” (GMP) for a construction project. Clients can use a GMP to plan for the expense of a project ahead of time, and yet still enjoy cost savings if the actual build comes in below the GMP.

      Here are a few benefits of the Construction Management approach:

      • The ability to communicate goals and concerns early in the planning phase
      • Smarter, more encompassing cost control
      • More accurate scheduling and speedier completion times
  • Design/Build

    • In concept, the Design/Build process combines architectural, engineering and construction services within one contractual relationship with an owner. NorthPoint works closely with each client taking great care to seamlessly integrate all critical project elements into a successful finish product that consistently meets/exceeds client expectations. We’re with you from the beginning, helping search for an appropriate building site or maximizing the use of an existing location, exploration of various design concepts with associated budgets and schedules, and of course the final design and construction of your building. We take great pride in our ongoing reputation and success with the Design/Build approach, and will endeavor to support your needs from start to finish.

      Here are a few benefits of the Design/Build approach:

      • Reduced exposure to cost increases (change orders) during construction because the designer and builder work together from project inception and share the responsibility for meeting program requirements as a team.
      • Accelerated project delivery because the designer and builder work simultaneously allowing the construction to begin before the design is fully complete. For example, the foundation and building shell can be erected at the same time the interior finishes are being finalized.
      • Owner’s exposure to conflicts are reduced due to the single-source contractual agreement with the designer and builder, where they work as allies to mutually serve the owner’s interest.
  • Sustainable Building

    • NorthPoint works with LEED-accredited professionals to guide the direction of design and construction. Early in the process, we work hand-in-hand with the designer as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers and subcontractors to ensure that what works on paper works in the field-avoiding costly assumptions and LEED accreditation points. It’s how we consistently produce an environmentally-conscious and responsible project, doing our part in reducing a building’s carbon footprint that is healthy for people to live, learn and work.