Central Massachusetts Special Education Collaborative (CMSEC)


  • This special education collaborative is a unique education facility that was designed to provide educational, clinical, and therapy services to children in grades K-12.
  • NorthPoint worked to design this school and it’s very unique program.Each wing of the school is catered to a specific age group and their specific needs, including a large dining room, full kitchen, gymnasium and playground, and a mock-apartment to facilitate occupational therapy and lifestyle training for the older age groups, helping to establish critical skills, aside from typical curriculum.
  • Safety considerations were designed into each with soft surfaces, corner guarding, etc. CMSEC required critical redevelopment of the mechanical systems within the building, including new rooftop units.
  • NorthPoint and our Project Manager designed the new Rooftop Unit layout and coordinated hoisting and final placement of these units via helicopter.
  • NorthPoint was able to turn over this multi-phase project 5 months ahead of schedule.


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