Golf & Ski Warehouse-Callaway Performance Center


NorthPoint Construction Management was selected to provide design build services for construction of a nationally-branded Callaway Performance Center located within the existing Golf & Ski Warehouse retail space, immediately adjacent to the the Green Meadow Golf Club in Hudson, NH.

  • NPCM provided complete design services including three separate schemes with consideration for adding onto the existing structure as well as working within the available space.
  • NPCM worked closely with G&SW and Callaway throughout the process providing detailed 3D sketches and details to ensure the Callaway branded elements were properly executed to meet national standards.
  • One noteworthy design element was the approach to creating the interior envelope itself. Since the existing HVAC systems were to remain, the walls could not completely enclose the new space. To achieve this requirement, key wall sections were held down about 2′ from the ceiling and at one corner a portion of the Callaway “V” logo was incorporated as the defining edge between opening & enclosure (see rendering by NPCM).
  • Hundreds of feet of conduit and wire were installed below raised floor systems and overhead as required for the highly technical Callaway monitoring equipment and ball flight simulators capable of capturing 10,000 frames per second.
  • The Callaway Performance Center utilizes this cutting edge technology to precisely measure a golfer’s swing as well as the trajectory, speed and spin of the ball itself in order to custom fit woods and irons to the customer.


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