Gary Thomas Awarded the 2019 General John Stark Day Award

In 2014, NorthPoint helped to construct The Founders Academy, a charter school in Manchester, NH. NorthPoint is proud to see the success and growth of this program, and celebrate the start of a new program.The Spark Academy! This month, The Founders Academy surprised our President, Gary Thomas with the 2019 General John Stark Day Award, recognizing him for his continued support as a Member of The Board for both The Founders Academy AND Spark Academy!). This new program is dedicated to high school and early college education, connecting experiential learning in robotics and building construction technologies and the core curriculum of science and humanities to help foster new skill sets, character, and innovation that will allow students to face the future with confidence! We are excited for the future of this program and share our support for the educators who help make programs like this possible! Congratulations to The Founders Academy and Gary Thomas!

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