• This was one of the more unique projects that NorthPoint had the opportunity to be involved with. Our client based out of China had intended on building one of largest Faraday cages in the Northeast that would withstand 1.6 million volts of electricity.
  • The project from start to finish was an evolving learning experience for both NP and the client in an effort to achieve the requirements within the allotted budget. We had to innovatively “think outside the box” applying science and construction knowledge
  • The Faraday cage measures 100’w x 100’w x 70’tall with 1.6 million welds at 2” on center, all steel and rebar within the chamber is welded together for continuity. The grounding pins that extend outside the building envelope are driven 50 feet below the finish slab.
  • The Faraday cage generates man made/controlled electrical storms with lightening for testing of the clients products produced. A 75’ high x 100’ clear span 5 ton hoisting crane used to move and position the products being tested.


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