Construction Management:

Building strong, lasting partnerships.

There are many moving parts to the construction process, not to mention stakeholders. When an owner hires an architect to design a project and a general contractor to build it, the multiple organizations and competing priorities can quickly derail a project or take it into an unintended direction. There is also greater potential for something to fall through the cracks. That’s where the construction manager comes in. As dedicated management professionals, our construction managers effectively represent the client to ensure the project is done right, on time and on or under budget.

While hiring a construction manager at any point in the process can be a wise move, we’ve found that the earlier we’re involved, the better the value and service to our clients. By including your NorthPoint construction manager in the design and budgeting phase, you’ll be assured of a thoroughly vetted and planned timeline and needed resources to complete your project. We offer the added security of fixing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for your construction project, allowing you to accurately plan the availability and flow of needed capital while having the security of a guaranteed cost ceiling.

Key benefits of hiring a NorthPoint Construction Manager:

  • A knowledgeable single point of contact for all stakeholders.
  • An experienced professional who can help you anticipate and plan for all contingencies.
  • Reliable cost control.
  • Better coordination of construction timelines and phase completion.

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